[nSLUG] Re: Do It Yourself with dynamic DNS services

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Jul 5 13:49:29 ADT 2005

Donald Teed quoth:

> [Stuff about inexpensive remote hosting and subsequent access]

Why don't you...

         (Don't take this as offering advice, only as inquiring about
         what you've learned so far.)

Why don't you deal locally?  Aren't there any small operations right
around the corner (or at least within, say, a 2-hour drive) that have
suitable support, bandwidth, attitude, price and so on?

Is it the case that if J. Random Netwizard buys a Big Pipe of some
kind into his biz in NS, he then is obliged to charge a staggering
price for inadequate support and bandwidth just to cover his costs and
take home minumum wage?

Personally, I really like the idea of being able to go to where the
physical stuff and relevant people are, whether it's to pull plugs,
bang heads or just hang out and get the feel of the people who are
juggling my bits.  I know, of course, that this attitude is contrary
to the popular notion  that, on the net, all places are alike.  OTOH,
I don't think it's unreasonable to have a suspicious attitude of Some
Guy in Ulan Bator or Los Angeles who has got an Incredible Deal For

So: what's the deterrent for going with some local provider/hosting

- Mike

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