[nSLUG] Do It Yourself with dynamic DNS services

Logan Attwood spazticblue at individualthought.net
Mon Jul 4 22:31:04 ADT 2005

Well, I use zoneedit.com on my own domain, and I use Aliant. I've had the
same ip for about 6 months. I run mail, web, and ssh off of this, and
suprisingly enough, when I started to set this up, 25/smtp was finally
unfiltered, which was great.

<quote who="Donald Teed">
> Going through all of the jungle of web hosts, with crazy deals, wide
> variety
> of prices, special conditions on ssh access, different conditions up
> front than what you get when you have sent them money, etc.
> is making me want to circumvent the whole thing.
> I think I can set up DynDNS with Mailhop, and other forwarding stuff.
> Has anyone local experience with aliant/eastlink and making this work?
> (i.e. are there reasons to give up before I start?)
> Our current web site has under 400 MB transfer/month.  We can
> live with the site being down occassionally as is expected with
> a DSL connection.
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