[nSLUG] Do It Yourself with dynamic DNS services

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Mon Jul 4 21:34:35 ADT 2005

Donald Teed wrote:

>Going through all of the jungle of web hosts, with crazy deals, wide variety
>of prices, special conditions on ssh access, different conditions up 
>front than what you get when you have sent them money, etc.
>is making me want to circumvent the whole thing.
>I think I can set up DynDNS with Mailhop, and other forwarding stuff.
>Has anyone local experience with aliant/eastlink and making this work?
>(i.e. are there reasons to give up before I start?)
>Our current web site has under 400 MB transfer/month.  We can
>live with the site being down occassionally as is expected with
>a DSL connection.
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Have you talked to eastlink about what is available as a business 
package. Their residential service is not suited for a website. Meaning 
the IP is dynamic and changes from time to time. I think the business 
has a fixed IP (???),


J. Paul Bissonnette


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