[nSLUG] Hang-up early in boot process

Rick Wightman wightman at nb.sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 26 18:10:41 AST 2005


I have scrounged several IBM GL300s made up of case + CPU 
(PIII/550)/motherboard and am attempting to put them together as a 
subversive effort to introduce Linux to friends who either don't have a 
computer or who have an old one.

I'm using FC3 and once loaded the machine hangs on (re)boot. On booting 
the kernel, the machine reports:

- the BIOS (2000) fails cutoff (2001) and that acpi=force is required 
to enable ACPI audit and then : initialized
- starts lvm2
- starts INIT
	- sets default font [OK]
	- starts udev [OK]
	- initializes hardware... storage network audio [OK]
	- configuring kernel parameters

and there it hangs. Appreciating that I've not been verbatim in my 
reporting of the boot, does anyone have any suggestions on what's up 
and where to correct it (assuming it can be). I can raise the machine 
from the rescue disk and mount the file system. I assume it's failing 
in the rc1.d scripts, but at this point my firm knowledge runs out 
since I don't have much experience at this level.

All comments and flames welcome,

Rick Wightman


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