[nSLUG] will broken rsync be the demise of Gentoo?

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 01:10:57 AST 2005

The rsync timeout problem probably doesn't happen on more current
hardware, nor on hobby/developer/desktop type machines very often.

My experience and that shown in some other comments I see in
forum articles and bug reports, points to rsync having
a bug which is only apparent while the system
is under some sort of CPU or I/O load.  However it isn't
easy to artificially reproduce the system demand that
triggers the failure.

Today I ran some parallel dd seeks which pushed the
load factor to 20, and it did not interfere with emerge.

If anyone has an idea what type of load an infinite number of
'1's sent to the URL bar of mozilla would create, it might
give us an idea of what to use for an test case that
can reproduce the problem.

I have a bug report open at Gentoo and I've added some
info to an existing bug report at rsync project.

It might seem like a non-issue to many users,
but judging by some reports I've seen, it could
be a major issue for those who put Gentoo in server
rooms where they are under loads you can't just
switch off for periodic maintenance like this.

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 16:19:37 -0400, Troy D. Strum <ts at halifaxfilm.com> wrote:
> Paul Boudreau wrote:
> > Kyle Kelly wrote:
> >
> >> Also, I've been using gentoo for a while now, and I usually sync
> >> every other day, two computers (one syncs locally from the other),
> >> and I've never experienced what you describe.
> >
> > Ditto. Me neither. 2 boxes, no problems.
> I sync and "fetchonly" the updated packages in my world file every
> morning at 5am. I haven't seen any issues over the past 7 days or so
> when I look back at the mails that cron sends me every morning.
> -- Troy
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