[nSLUG] Free Laser Printers

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Thu Feb 24 23:07:35 AST 2005


I have 2 laser printers available.  They are FREE but may not be a bargain.

They are an Okidata OL400 single tray 4 page per minute, 
and an Okidata OL830 dual tray Postscript 8 page per minute.  There is some 
toner, but both drums (interchangeable) have seal fatigue which causes a leak 
of toner if sitting for a while with power on.  The first page has a smudge, 
2nd and subsequent pages are fine.

If you have one of these with a good drum but otherwise not working these are 
for you.  Trays included.

Friday the 4 th of March is regular garbage day for where I live.  Speak up 
before then if any interest.  In fact sooner is better.  Will deliver in Metro 
at no charge.

Jim Haliburton



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