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J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Wed Feb 23 12:28:10 AST 2005

Donald Teed wrote:

>Here is a test of the Babel Fish.  It is no safe guard
>against producing hilarous English results.
>I am testing, for the second time, the well known service of the babel
>fish - a reference to a device from a Douglas Adams book "Hitchhiker's
>Guide to the Galaxy".  If this works well, the
>back and forth trip (from English to German to English again) will
>produce something understandable.
>I examine, for second time, that far away well-known service of the
>Babel of fish - a reference on a device leader Douglas of an Adam of
>the book "trampers to the galaxy". If this works well, produces and
>gentleman ice (from English to GermanEnglish again) understandable the
>If you use "Hitch Hiker's" rather than one word, it translates
>into "towing bracket of wanderers".  Wow.
The code for Babelfish was written by Eric Idle and John Cleese. You can 
tell from some of the translation.
I would not use any these translators unless I was good at the language 
know what they are feeding me.  Just like HowTo's. :)

I have clients that do Eco tours in northern Canada.  Some of these 
robot translations are a real scream. :)
One was, a trip where the customer could watch many different types of 
the plural for birds was mistranslated, to a slang word for intercourse 
and not verbal, we over booked that trip by 1000%.

Some poor tourist armed with a pocket translator jumped into a Munich 
cab, thought he said, *I am hot, take me to a bar*.
It translated to *ich bin heiss*, instead of *mir ist heiss*. which 
means I an gay, 3 guess what kind of bar he was taken to.

Babelfish keeps insisting that, fishing for Arctic char is the same as, 
fishing for Arctic cleaning ladies.

It is hard to program the intricies of any language into a robot, 
without getting back babble, maybe that is why it is called babelfish. 
It is also hard to program tounge-in-cheek into a NG with out getting 


J. Paul Bissonnette


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