[nSLUG] local ns e-govt and oss???

Soren Aalto soren.aalto at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 14:39:46 AST 2005

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 12:39:06 -0400, Bob Ashley <ax386 at chebucto.ca> wrote:
> Yeah, that browser discrimination burns me too. "This web site is
> compatible with all browsers" oughta be the rule. The people I feel

OK -- I've been waiting for the catalyst for raving about browser
compatibility.  I've just deployed a biggish (well, to me, anyway)
webapp for a student registration system.  I did all the development
looking at Mozilla (& I did have the occasional rendering funny
that I didn't always understand).

Unfortunately, during development I didn't have access to a
copy of IE as my office Windows box is connected to a dead
UTP port.

Well, once people started using it with IE, I was amazed how many
things different versions of IE found to do wrong.

- caching pages they weren't supposed to.  I know IE is famous
for this, and it has bitten me many times before.  It must be possible
to get just the right magic set of response headers to fix this, but
I ended up just adding a random value to my request parameters
for all my HREFs.
- completely mangling CSS layouts, even after I replaced everything
with tables.  I finally got it to work by magically replacing some <span>s
with equivalent "by-hand" formatting.
- javascript alert boxes didn't work on one particular version
- and this one really blew me away...I had a request URL that was
something like


...and the browser actually decided that &sect meant the special
HTML character § and actually rendered the subsection
symbol in the location bar on the browser when I made the
request.  And I got the parameters modid=8 and id=11244
which kinda upset my server-side code.

OK -- what I rave about is that there seem to be lots of banks,
etc, that will only support IE so that they don't have the problems
of multiple browsers...when it is clear that the different versions
of IE (4->6.0) are a freaking nightmare.

Like, grrrrrrr...



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