[nSLUG] local ns e-govt and oss???

Michael D. Crawford crawford at goingware.com
Sat Feb 19 18:40:35 AST 2005


> Hey, Michael you're a quotable writer! Can I 'borrow' this vivid image?
> You'll get due credit, of course.

That's one of the nicest compliments you can give to someone who fancies 
himself a writer: http://www.geometricvisions.com/writing/  That's on my 
personal site.

Bob, you can quote anything I post on this list, you don't need to keep 
asking my permission.

The <p> in my previous post comes from the fact that most of my writing 
is for the web, and written in hand-coded (valid!) HTML, so that I have 
become accustomed to terminating paragraphs with <p> even when I'm not 
writing HTML! :-P


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