[nSLUG] local ns e-govt and oss???

Michael D. Crawford crawford at goingware.com
Fri Feb 18 16:42:20 AST 2005

Bob Ashley wrote:

> Someone had a nice idea to collect up old PCs, load an OSS of some kind,
> and distribute them free to orgs whose clients are those on the far side
> of the 'digital divide'. It makes an community-minded opportunity out of
> privately experienced, accelerated obsolescence.

I donated my old 486 to such an organization, I think they were called the 
Yellow Box Coalition, before I left California.  They were inspired by the 
yellow bicycles of Amsterdam, which are parked all over the city for people to 
ride and then leave behind.  They spray painted all their PC cases bright 
yellow, with a stencil for their logo.

They would recondition the boxes, swap out bad parts and swap in good ones, and 
install a red-hat based custom distro they had cooked up that would do such 
things as IP masquerading (to share an internet connection among several home 
computers), and also serve as a basic internet workstation.

A google search doesn't find them anymore, but there are many such 
organizations.  It shouldn't be hard to find some HOWTOs about doing this, both 
the technical and organizational aspects of it.

This is something else I'd be happy to help with.


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