[nSLUG] local ns e-govt and oss???

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Thu Feb 17 14:56:15 AST 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 14:22 -0400, Miles Thompson wrote:
> They are looking, of course, at what would be a v. high cost of switching 
> everything over in a lump; any transition is likely to be gradual, and that 
> would be their greatest fear.
> And of course there are legacy apps, written for the Windows environment, 
> which cannot be migrated. Of course MSFT helps with this by periodically 
> obsoleting whole chunks of its technology. Example? It's not a smooth 
> transition from Vb to VB.NET, and if one wants to (or has to) move from DAO 
> to ADO (let's rearrange the letters but kill backwards compatibility) there 
> massive code changes are required.

Novell has some migration resources. Of course, they are pushing Novell
branded things at the end, but the concepts are universal. Nifty
graphics for the suits, too.


As for "legacy" Windows apps, there are options. There is Wine, of
course. Its quite possible that the apps will "just work". If not, one
of the commercial versions might "just work", Codeweavers or AclereX
(from Transgaming). Both of these companies will take your money to
implement the specific functionality that your legacy app needs, and I
suspect that there are more then a few individuals who also do such work
on a semi full time basis. 

There is Citrix(?). And migration to Linux doesnt have to be all or
nothing; if only 5% of the users need the weird app you can convert
everyone else.


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