[nSLUG] local ns e-govt and oss???

Jonathan Freedman rewt at eghetto.ca
Thu Feb 17 10:18:30 AST 2005


The majority of work I've been doing over the past several years,
primarily computer security and e-learning related, has involved quite a
bit of open source solutions in goverment and business. I am more than
willing to sit down with you over a drink if you are located in Halifax.

Failing that, we always have IRC ;)



On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Bob Ashley wrote:

.oO>NSLUG Pundits,
.oO>I'm doing a policy paper which will explore the idea of municipal
.oO>egovernment in NS looking at open source software (oss), perhaps as a
.oO>pilot project. If report looks plausible, I'll submit it to Service Nova
.oO>Scotia and Municipal Relations and Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities.
.oO>Any opinions, comments, guffaws, sneers, cheers?
.oO>Risking one more step, let's say, hypothetically they went for it. Would
.oO>anyone in the Linux community ever consider donating some experience to
.oO>say, a small, cash-strapped municipality? Perhaps in the form of a
.oO>consulting committee or some such other vehicle? The idea here is
.oO>citizen-engagement and citizen consultation. I know it's a tough sell.
.oO>Cynicism and mistrust rules the era. On the other hand, the oss
.oO>community does have the some features of 'community-minded' people. Just
.oO>trying to get a feel for possible reaction to such a suggestion.
.oO>Declaring my interest: If there's any hint of a supportive community
.oO>lurking in the background, it would give my argument more persuasive
.oO>force. And, of course, I really do think there's reasons to explore this
.oO>egovernment option.
.oO>Input heartily welcomed!
.oO>(the immigrant postponing Debian install until piled up schoolwork
.oO>complete...early April)
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