[nSLUG] local ns e-govt and oss???

Bob Ashley ax386 at chebucto.ca
Thu Feb 17 06:40:24 AST 2005

NSLUG Pundits,

I'm doing a policy paper which will explore the idea of municipal 
egovernment in NS looking at open source software (oss), perhaps as a 
pilot project. If report looks plausible, I'll submit it to Service Nova 
Scotia and Municipal Relations and Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities.

Any opinions, comments, guffaws, sneers, cheers?

Risking one more step, let's say, hypothetically they went for it. Would 
anyone in the Linux community ever consider donating some experience to 
say, a small, cash-strapped municipality? Perhaps in the form of a 
consulting committee or some such other vehicle? The idea here is 
citizen-engagement and citizen consultation. I know it's a tough sell. 
Cynicism and mistrust rules the era. On the other hand, the oss 
community does have the some features of 'community-minded' people. Just 
trying to get a feel for possible reaction to such a suggestion.

Declaring my interest: If there's any hint of a supportive community 
lurking in the background, it would give my argument more persuasive 
force. And, of course, I really do think there's reasons to explore this 
egovernment option.

Input heartily welcomed!

(the immigrant postponing Debian install until piled up schoolwork 
complete...early April)


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