[nSLUG] Seeking contract programming work

Michael D. Crawford crawford at goingware.com
Tue Feb 15 18:07:32 AST 2005


I hope this isn't considered off-topic or spam.

I'm looking for contract programming work.  If you can't hire me, you could 
still help me out by forwarding this message to your colleagues.

I have seventeen years experience as a developer, with the last seven years 
spent full-time running my own business, GoingWare Inc., as a consultant.  I 
have been a Senior Software Engineer at three companies, and Product Development 
Manager at another.

Just before Christmas I posted here seeking work as a permanent employee.  I 
felt discouraged about consulting, as even during the best of times it has 
always been a harder way to live than working as an employee.  But there are 
also many benefits to consulting, and I HAVE known many good times. It is with a 
renewed sense of optimism that I'm declaring my intention to remain in business 
for myself by serving the software development needs of software publishers, 
financial firms, website operators, and device manufacturers.

You can discover what my business has to offer at http://www.goingware.com/ and 
find my resume at http://www.goingware.com/resume/

I have my own office, with equipment and software for most development tasks 
(Mac, Windows or Linux).  I can work onsite in the Truro or Halifax areas.

My business number is (877) 611-3359 toll free, or you can email 
crawford at goingware.com  However, I am getting a lot of spam lately, so until I 
can configure a spam filter, it would be best to call.

Here are some of the things I know I can do for you, because I have experience 
doing them for previous clients:

I can write custom web application, financial, graphical user interface, or 
embedded software.

I can write device drivers for Linux or Mac OS X.

I can develop software in Java, Perl, C, C++, Python, Postscript, and the 
assembly codes for PowerPC, ARM, Thumb, and 68000.

I am exceptionally skilled at debugging and performance tuning for any sort of 
application.  I once held a position as a Senior Software Engineer at Apple 
Computer, where I did nothing but debugging and optimization.  I only left that 
work because I didn't have many opportunies to write new code, something I enjoy 
doing.  I diagnosed and fixed hundreds of bugs in the Mac OS, many of them very 
subtle and difficult to reproduce.

I can implement communications protocols in operating systems or embedded 
devices.  I have particulary strong experience in SCSI, Serial Bus Protocol 2 
(SBP2), FireWire (IEEE1394), HTTP, and TCP.

I have extensive experience in graphics and multimedia applications.  I've 
played piano for twenty years, and own a Fatar MIDI controller (electric 
keyboard), and so enjoy writing MIDI, audio and music applications.

I have a B.A. degree in Physics from the University of California Santa Cruz, 
with extensive work in scientific data analysis and modeling, both academically 
and on the job.

I've been making telescopes as a hobby since I was twelve years old, grinding 
and polishing mirrors by hand, and from my University studies I have a solid 
background in ray and wave optics.

I like to write, and feel I write well.  A manager at Apple once remarked that a 
hundred page test plan I wrote when I was a QA engineer for the MacTCP network 
stack was the best test plan he'd ever read.

I can slice, dice, julienne and puree.

I'm also interested in learning new skills on the job.  I am able to do all the 
different things I can because I have always placed a high priority on learning 
new things.  Because of the importance I place on this, I'm willing to cut a 
deal with anyone willing to hire me for work I am not yet expert in.

I am a U.S. citizen, but am immigrating to Canada by virtue of my marriage to a 
Canadian citizen.  I already have my work permit and health card.  I don't need 
any sort of visa sponsorship.  If all goes well, I will be a landed immigrant in 
a few months.  (My wife is a fine art student at NSCAD in downtown Halifax.  One 
reason we moved to Canada from Maine was that she hoped to study there.)  I'm in 
Canada to stay - when the time comes, I plan to become a Canadian citizen.

I can do small and large jobs.  The longest contract I've had required a year 
and a half of work, writing a specialized database from scratch (from the 
low-level file format to the C++ API) for a financial firm in the Bahamas, while 
the shortest was a couple hours, helping someone decide whether his company 
should purchase a certain software package.

Thank you for your attention.

Michael D. Crawford
GoingWare Inc. - Expert Software Development and Consulting
crawford at goingware.com

    Tilting at Windmills for a Better Tomorrow.


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