[nSLUG] Apache & Absolute paths

Troy D. Strum ts at halifaxfilm.com
Mon Feb 14 14:49:58 AST 2005

I haven't used them in years, but...

In httpd.conf, these lines are likely commented out, so uncomment them:

AddType text/html .shtml
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml

Make sure that your httpd.conf file has the "Includes" option turned on 
for the web root:

<directory /your/web/root/>
Options Includes
(The above example is abbreviated - look for a similar block in your 
httpd.conf file).

Run this:

/usr/sbin/apache-modconf apache enable mod_include

Restart apache and make a .shtml file to test it out.

- Troy

J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:

> I have been trying to set-up an Apache server, Debian based Installation,
> for my website testing. I've run into a snag.
> How do I set-up *my* server to accept absolute paths?
> eg
> <!--#include virtual="/inc/meta-de.inc" -->
> or
> /pics/common/floatplanes.jpg
> My web host allows these.

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