[nSLUG] MythTV+PVR250 rave

Kyle Kelly kyle at kylekelly.com
Thu Feb 10 11:24:50 AST 2005

I'm wondering if any of you pvr-350 owners out there can help me.  I 
bought a pvr-350 over a year ago, and at the time I wasn't planning on 
doing tv-out, so I either didn't notice that my box didn't come with the 
tv-out cable, or I somehow lost it.  In either case I now wish to 
experience tv-out and am short the essential cable.  Unfortunately this 
cable cannot be bought at any of the local electronic shops.  I do have 
an offer from a guy in florida to send me his, but I'd like to avoid 
that hassle if possible.  The question I'm getting to is this, do any of 
you have a pvr-350 tv-out cable that you do not want or need and would 
be willing to sell?



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