Drama level : Elevated ( was Re: [nSLUG] Aliant launches Atlantic Canada's fastest broadband connection )

Jonathan Freedman rewt at eghetto.ca
Tue Feb 8 14:21:05 AST 2005

This is why I love the internets. It's also why I hate them.

Even if this "press release" is really just Aliant's way of saying " look,
we aren't big and faceless we help the little people download their movies
faster ! so buy our services ! " it is still more than relevant. Fiber to
the home / school / park is something that interests all geeks ( as was
mentioned in another reply ), and therefore belongs on this mailing list.

Granted, had it been posted by someone who worked for Aliant it would be a
slightly different issue. As is, rejoice in the coming 30mbits to your



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