[nSLUG] Aliant launches Atlantic Canada's fastest broadband connection

Tony Abou-Assaleh taa at dal.ca
Tue Feb 8 14:07:10 AST 2005

> I think it is quite on topic.  Since most people here have a computer,
> and since most of them computers are connected to some sort of
> internet connection we all have some sort of bandwidth.  And some of
> them computers with some bandwidth might want some more bandwidth.
> That was a post letting us know that the computers with Linux can get
> more bandwidth.

How about we start posting pro-environment posts? It sure affects every
one here.

Though some posts may be of general interest (and I benefited from the
Aliant post), I believe this is not the appropriate place for such posts.
Posts that are not directly related to Linux don't really belong here.



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