[nSLUG] Aliant launches Atlantic Canada's fastest broadband connection

Robert J. McKay rm at wari.mckay.com
Tue Feb 8 06:35:27 AST 2005

I figured this might be of interest to some people here...


Aliant launches Atlantic Canada's fastest broadband connection

    -  10 Megabit Internet service for apartment building units
    -  Atlantic Canada's first Fibre-to-the-Home trial

    HALIFAX, Feb. 7 /CNW/ - Aliant, Atlantic Canada's largest information 
and communications technology company, is launching two innovative, fibre 
optic- based broadband services to consumers: 10 Megabit Internet service 
and Atlantic Canada's first Fibre-to-the-Home trial.
    "At Aliant, we take pride in our track record of innovation and 
providing customers with world-leading communications, information and 
entertainment solutions," said Heather Tulk, Vice President Broadband and 
Marketing, Aliant.
"Our latest advancements in the use of fibre optic technology allow us to
deliver Atlantic Canada's fastest broadband connection and the region's 
first Fibre-to-the-Home trial."
    Using fibre optic technology, Aliant can now deliver a 10 Megabit
Internet service - one of the fastest broadband connection speeds in 
Canada, to apartment building residents. By July, approximately 30 
apartment buildings in the Halifax Regional Municipality will be equipped 
for fibre delivered Internet. Aliant High Speed Ultra customers living in 
these buildings will enjoy the 10 Megabit download speed, giving them an 
even better online experience, whether they are playing online video 
games, downloading music, surfing the Web, emailing, or sharing files and 
pictures with friends and family.
    To further test the capabilities of fibre technology, Aliant is also
conducting Atlantic Canada's first Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) trial. 
Thirty-two participants in the Royale Hemlocks community in Bedford, Nova 
Scotia will take part in the 12-month trial.
    For the trial, Aliant is installing a fibre optic network that will
provide more than 30 Megabits of bandwidth to individual residences. 
Through a combination of wired and wireless applications, trial 
participants will be provided with the newest and fastest Aliant service 
offerings - via fibre optic cable connected directly to their homes. Trial 
services will initially include 10 Megabit Internet, TV on my PC, Music on 
my PC and Aliant Security Services (anti-virus, parental control, and 
personal firewall).
    To receive fibre delivered Internet, apartment buildings will be wired
via a central switch that allows every data jack in the building to be 
pre- wired for high-speed Internet while delivering dedicated bandwidth to 
each individual unit. This network design removes the need for a modem, 
giving tenants the convenience to move their computer around their 
apartment and to log-on to the Internet in any room with a data jack using 
an Ethernet cord.
    As development on new Internet Protocol (IP) based applications such 
as video and Voice over IP (VoIP) progress, Aliant will add these to its 
suite of products and services available over fibre.
    "As we enhance our fibre network and deliver more IP-based 
applications, they too will live up to the high levels of service 
excellence, value, simplicity and reliability that our customers have come 
to expect," said Tulk.

    About Aliant
    From its home base in Atlantic Canada, Aliant delivers a wide variety 
of innovative and traditional communications services, including local and 
long distance telephony, wireless, Internet, e-commerce, interactive 
multimedia, data and managed network services, to more than two million 
consumers and over 80,000 enterprises. Aliant complements its industry-leading 
telecommunications business with strengths in information technology 
solutions and knowledge-services applications. The company's approximately 8,400 employees build 
on Aliant's 100-plus year history by collaborating to deliver the highest 
quality of customer service, choice and convenience. Aliant is a TSX 100 
company with a market capitalization of approximately $3.8 billion.


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