[nSLUG] MythTV+PVR250 rave

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Sat Feb 5 17:08:30 AST 2005

> Is that digital cable decoding?

 No, they are analog cable. But they do have RCA and Svideo inputs as well.

 There are other DVB cards available for pulling
digital cable, but of course if the signal is encrypted it might notbe of any
easy use to you.  the Air2PC card is a favourite right now for grabbing
both OTA HDTV broadcasts(which I doubt you will get from around
here) as a well as  QAM digital cable. You could control a digital cable
box either with an IR blaster or via the serial port if it's not disabled
by Eastlink and just capture from it via S-Video.


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