[nSLUG] MythTV+PVR250 rave

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Sat Feb 5 11:54:59 AST 2005

> Man, does it ever change how the family watches TV!  You are no longer a
> slave to TV programming.  And you have no tapes or clunky on-screen menu

 Hehe Same here. I've been an avid MythTV user for  2 years a now,
with a large backend machine in the basement(It's also DHCP, fileserver and
just about every other use I can find for it) with multiple tuners and 
several smaller frontend machines throughout the house and it's totally 
changed our habits. With the PVR cards allowing you to get away with basically
no CPU usage for capture and encoding, you don't need a beefy machine .

Fast forward everything, never a slave to when the show is on or forget
to set the VCR. We pretty much never watch LiveTV Anymore, and I can tell ya
It's nice to not have to watch commercials at all. Using Mythweb I often
configure my weeks recordings from work which is a plus as well.

 I also picked up one of the MediaMVP units and it's acting as a 
tiny (couple CD's size), silent low power frontend for the bedroom which is
a plus with the missus :)

> niche.  My hat's off to the MythTV developer community!

 Here Here.



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