[nSLUG] Re: No PCMCIA 802.11g on Linux Laptops?! (Paul Boudreau)

Steve Muise muisesg at muise.homeip.net
Thu Feb 3 12:19:00 AST 2005

I have used a bunch of different PCMCIA, PCI and USB wireless b and G 
cards with Linux. ndiswrapper has worked fine for me on linksys cards

Cards with Prism chipset work perfectly - At home I use a Netgear PCMCIA 
card which works fine.
Prisms are as simple as this

modprobe prism54
iwconfig wlan0 essid EDDISNAME
iwconfig wlan0 enc xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-...

Cards with ti chipsets works good as well, for me any way and I have a 
USB G nic I picked up up at Staple for $29.95 which works great but only 
with this slightly fixed version of the driver.


The only area I have had any trouble is when encryption is turned on. I 
have found that it sometimes works and sometimes not. Load the module 
once and it works, unload it and load it again and it doesn't. No reason 
as far as I can tell but without encryption, I have had good success 
with different cards with at least 5 different chipsets. If you stick 
with an orinoco or prism chipset though you should have no trouble. A 
quick google search


should find tons of step by step guides to getting it going. Good Luck.

>I've looked through several Linux websites and a few HCLs, and I have 
>not found *any* 802.11g PCMCIA cards that are usable with *any* Linux. 
>This raises one very important question: WHY?!


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