[nSLUG] No PCMCIA 802.11g on Linux Laptops?!

Erik Kamerling ekamerling at snaplen.com
Wed Feb 2 15:30:28 AST 2005

Hi Jon,

On Wednesday 02 February 2005 14:06, Jon Moore wrote:
> I've looked through several Linux websites and a few HCLs, and I have
> not found *any* 802.11g PCMCIA cards that are usable with *any* Linux.
> This raises one very important question: WHY?!
> Either I'm looking in the wrong places, or there is currently no
> support in Linux for 802.11g networking (via PCMCIA).
> If any of you nice nSLUG people know of a possible solution to my
> predicament, or a good place to dig deeper, I'd appreciate your help.

I have found that ndiswrapper works very well for my particular card. A 
Broadcom 54g 802.11g. 

Here is the site. http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/

You need the original vendor's Windows Ndis drivers for your card to make this 

I have used it extensivey with Mandrake 10.1, and Fedora Core 2 and 3.

Ndisulator (formerly project evil) works very well for this card on recent 
FreeBSDs as well.

A commercial solution is the Linuxant WLAN driverloader, which I have tried 
and was satisfied with. http://www.linuxant.com 

Yet ndiswrapper works very very well. For this 802.11g card at least.

Hope this helps.

Erik Kamerling


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