[nSLUG] No PCMCIA 802.11g on Linux Laptops?!

Jon Moore noj at av.eastlink.ca
Wed Feb 2 15:06:18 AST 2005

I have a PII (366MHz, 128MB RAM (fine for text only stuff IMO)) laptop 
with the usual PCMCIA slots (type I, II or III).
I'm running Slackware 10, kernel 2.4.26, and I have *no* hardware 
issues, except the sound card not working (it was flaking out anyway).

I'm getting myself a WLAN setup for home, and will be using the WLAN at 
school. Both of these networks are based on the 802.11g (*G*) standard, 
and I'll need a *G* PCMCIA card to get on (don't ask why... blame it on 
the sysadmin).

I've looked through several Linux websites and a few HCLs, and I have 
not found *any* 802.11g PCMCIA cards that are usable with *any* Linux. 
This raises one very important question: WHY?!

Either I'm looking in the wrong places, or there is currently no 
support in Linux for 802.11g networking (via PCMCIA).

If any of you nice nSLUG people know of a possible solution to my 
predicament, or a good place to dig deeper, I'd appreciate your help.

If any of you nice nSLUG people think I'm foolish for even *thinking* 
of doing anything useful with that brick, I'd appreciate your 


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