[nSLUG] sed question

Jason Kenney jason at ohm.ath.cx
Thu Dec 29 04:08:36 AST 2005

> While sed is good I have found awk to be better. Most problems solved
> with sed can be solved with awk just as easily. It is still good to
> know sed syntax as the vi/vim ex mode (: mode) syntax is similar.

Well, they are intended for different things... Awk is very good for 
processing delimited files, as here.

Some might even suggest perl makes them both obsolete?

Herb: You need to use the -e switch I think to run on the command line.

Also, I don't think sed understands \s, like perl does.

so, sed -e 's/^\(EMAIL:[ \t]*[^ \t]*\).*$/\1/'

is probably closer to what you are looking for (although this matches any 
whitespace after :, and the address doesn't necessarily have to end in 

Of course it makes more sense to use awk for this particular task, as 

Your expression might also contain a logic flaw, I can never remember 
whether + is a greedy match or not, but if it is .+ will match to the end of
the line, which is cleary not what you want there.



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