[nSLUG] sed question

Herb htheriault at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 19:16:27 AST 2005

Hey all,

Just learning the very basics of sed/regex while editing a large text
file. I got a few of the easy edits done, but now I'm up against a
couple of more complex ones. There are lines that have chunks that
need removing while keeping other chunks.

EMAIL: address at here remove these bits

I've gotten as far as various permutations of this:

sed  's/\(^EMAIL\:\s\s.+\.com\)*/\1/g' ctext3b > ctext3b_3

but it's not working. The regex stuff does find what I need in the
file but the removal isn't happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)



Herb Theriault


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