[nSLUG] Hard drive error messages

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sun Dec 18 11:26:25 AST 2005

On Sun, 2005-12-18 at 11:04 -0400, J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:
> Rich wrote:
> >On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 18:34 -0400, J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:
> >
> >Any bios issues, how are the settings in CMOS, anything hardcoded for
> >drive specs?  
> >
> I have not touched the Bios on the mother board since  years.

ok. this doesn't sound good.  Do you hear the drive spinning up?
Any metal scraping noises?  If you have a bright light, look over the
controller board on the hard drive.  See if you have any popped, smoked,
bulging parts, or melted solder lines.  Look near the controller socket
or the the power socket.

Look for any signs of a heat event.  The green board will look dull or
grayed about the size of dime.

How long does it take to reboot?  Does it make it past the video post
(the single beep)?  Do you have you machine to auto-reboot on power
failure?  This is maybe why the machine is cycling.  

If you can, could you explain the what you see as the system boots.
Do you see the initial memory test screen?
The device detection screen?  
Does the hard drive get detected?
Is your IDE cable correct - pin 1 (red) near the power socket?

Is this a high density cable (black, blue, grey connectors)?  
If so, is the drive jumper set to CS and what color connector is on the
drive (blue to mb controller, black is master).



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