Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sun Dec 18 01:34:14 AST 2005

On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 18:00 -0400, J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:
> Rich wrote:
> >Anyone know how to test a UPS?
> >
> >I have an old APC650, its about 8 years old.
> >
> >The old place we were at, I heard it soundoff maybe once a week or
> >month.  Since we moved, its been resetting at least once a day.
> >

> >
> >
> >  
> >
> How did you manage such a long battery life?  I bought a
> APC650 at Future Shop in July 2003 and had to replace the battery  Sept. 
> 2004
> I paid the difference on an upgrade to a XS1000, which has run 15 months 
> so far without dying.

I checked the site, the model is a BK650MC made in 1998.
I think this was one of the flagship power units back in the day when
they were promoting and informing us about brownouts and spikes.

I ran two computer boxes and a firewall server on the UPS for  many
years.  Its only since I got a bigger system and bigger monitors that I
noticed it couldn't maintain that.  It ran fine for 233Mhz, 450Mhz, and
and 1Ghz for years.  The bigger machines are requiring more power now.
My wifes is a 1.6Ghz and it runs fine on the UPS. So I will pick up one
of those 700VA or so.  Something thats about 50% usage.

$50US to update the battery in the unit, I think I will send for the

I talked to NovaScotia Power about the numerous spikes in the lines
causing brownouts and surges.  The lady told me there is NO such thing
as a brownout or spike.  When she asked me "Do the lights dim?  Do they
get Bright?  Do they flicker?"  

I said, uhh... you just explained a brownout, surge, and power arcing.
I told her YES to each one.  One surge was so bad the lights sizzled, I
flew across the room to kill the power to UPS, it was beeping like

She said, oh it must be your system.  I said, well explain why our
apartment unit, the neighbors apartment unit, and the landlord telling
me they are getting frustrated resetting all the alarms.  She was.. uh..
did your landlord contact us?  I said, no, she said she was to busy
resetting the damn alarms! You should expect a call sometime soon.  She
then asked can you provide the landlords phone number.  I did so.

Power seemed to get better a few days later.  No more drops.  Then the
snow storm last week or so, the drops are all back again.  Must of
shorted something.

Thanks for suggesting the APC site, I went on there years ago, they
really changed it.  The battery return program is new.  Thats a great
idea, so is the 35% discount for turning in old units.



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