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On 12/16/05, Rich <budman85 at eastlink.ca> wrote:
> Anyone know how to test a UPS?

You should be able to get linux software from APC that shows the battery
and load.  Connect your system to the AC line and put a reasonable load
of the rated load) on the UPS (a small heater or a bunch of 100 wt. bulbs)
pull the plug.  The unit should shut off when the battery is drained.  If
your battery
was marginal, this test will probably kill it.

I have an old APC650, its about 8 years old.

APC's high-end  gear lasts well if you replace the batteries every 5 years.

The old place we were at, I heard it soundoff maybe once a week or
> month.  Since we moved, its been resetting at least once a day.
> Sometimes, when it resets, everything dies.  I only seen that once
> before when I was in the States and during a lightning storm, but that
> was many years ago.  Today was the first time I saw the power off in
> action.  I updated the kernel thinking it was an APM module, since
> others have seen the same issue.  I noticed it seems they fixed the
> computer from becoming totally dead, when it resets.
> I run tests on UPS, and it does maintain the power for the computers.
> My system has a larger power supply, 500w, so I moved it off the UPS to
> see if the other machine resets.  Around 8:30 tonight, the UPS reset
> about 5 times, so far.  The other computer didn't reset, it held the
> power.

A good UPS will trigger on glitches that don't bother a decent power supply.
The software should let you plot voltages over time so you can see the

I think the battery may not be strong enough for my power supply.
> May be time to get a new UPS.  Monitors suck UPS dry in a few minutes,
> so I placed the monitor on the powerstrip.  Sucks when the power goes
> out and the computer is still running. :)
> So I have a feeling the batteries in the UPS may be beyond their
> lifespan.  The UPS is supposed to maintain power for 35-40 minutes,
> I don't think it can support that today.

The original battery in my diesel van lasted 11 years, so it is possible to
batteries that last under heavy use (but the replacement costs $350!),
It is very likely that your battery will need to be replaced after 8 years.
It is not hard to find
replacements, but prices and quality vary so it is worth comparing online
with local quotes.

George N. White III <aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca>
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia

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