Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Fri Dec 16 20:52:45 AST 2005

Anyone know how to test a UPS?

I have an old APC650, its about 8 years old.

The old place we were at, I heard it soundoff maybe once a week or
month.  Since we moved, its been resetting at least once a day.

Sometimes, when it resets, everything dies.  I only seen that once
before when I was in the States and during a lightning storm, but that
was many years ago.  Today was the first time I saw the power off in
action.  I updated the kernel thinking it was an APM module, since
others have seen the same issue.  I noticed it seems they fixed the
computer from becoming totally dead, when it resets.  

I run tests on UPS, and it does maintain the power for the computers.

My system has a larger power supply, 500w, so I moved it off the UPS to
see if the other machine resets.  Around 8:30 tonight, the UPS reset
about 5 times, so far.  The other computer didn't reset, it held the

I think the battery may not be strong enough for my power supply.
May be time to get a new UPS.  Monitors suck UPS dry in a few minutes,
so I placed the monitor on the powerstrip.  Sucks when the power goes
out and the computer is still running. :) 

So I have a feeling the batteries in the UPS may be beyond their
lifespan.  The UPS is supposed to maintain power for 35-40 minutes,
I don't think it can support that today.

Rich <budman85 at eastlink.ca>


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