[nSLUG] Re Failing Hard drive

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Dec 13 20:45:38 AST 2005

On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 20:09 -0400, Jim Haliburton wrote:

> The power supply was likely only a contributor.  Buying an off brand 
> drive, or a drive with only a 12 month warranty, or having it mounted  
> inappropriately are the more likely causes.  A big cause of failures is 
> the fan in the power supply.  Cheap power supplies have very cheap fans. 
> The reason they use $.59 fans is they are all out of $.49 fans.

I bought a nice big fan, $5 or $6 .. then installed in front of where
the drives are mounted, this helped cool down the harddrives. Heat is
really bad, the more components you add, the more heat to get rid of. I
recently had to remove the cover from mine til I get some unit fans to
move the air out.

> Most drive makers are very careful to say that drives MUST have certain 
> volumes of air flow over them.  Most resellers have never heard or read 
> such documentation.  Others plain and simply don't care.


> It must be said that if the lady referred to in the original posting has 
> high speed Internet and no router or other secure firewall, her hard 
> drive failures could in some cases have been  some of the more crippling 
> virii that have been about.  Some actually can damage the hard drive, or 
> give symptoms that mimic hard drive failure.

could be a partition virus

> Finally the AOpen motherboard may have a case of bad caps.  These will 
> sometimes give hard drive failure symptoms.  The computer lights but the 
> drives don't.  Check the MB for swollen or ruptured caps around the CPU 
> or RAM.  I have had two with these defects in the last month.  Both 
> worked fine with new caps, but exhibited hard drive failure before 
> replacing the caps.  I stock hundreds of High Temp, Panasonic brand 
> replacements for this very reason.

You can try using the Secondary or another controller if you have one.
This may help isolate the motherboard.  Your hard drives might be okay
if the controller is bad.  I'd try the drive in another computer if you
don't have access to a spare controller.



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