[nSLUG] Re: scp logging

John Cordes John.Cordes at dal.ca
Tue Dec 13 16:02:15 AST 2005


 No, I never did receive any useful replies to my postings re
scp logging on May 23/05 

 I wrote then, amongst other things: "What linux programs
would allow for this kind of scp connection?"

 except for this from my son Peter:

 "sftp.  Or he could have used scp cordes.ca:dirname/* .,
since scp can expand wildcards on the remote machine.  But I'd
assume he used sftp, or a graphical frontend for it.  Maybe
rsync can work without showing as a login session."

 And that's all I know, I'm afraid.


On 12/9/05, Bob McLaren <BobMcLaren at fssi-ca.com> wrote:
>  Hi John, I read your May 23rd posting and I am completely
>  baffled that nobody seems to care that scp does not support
>  logging.  Did you ever find a way to implement it?  Any
>  feedback or pointers would be most appreciated.


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