[nSLUG] hard-drives

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Tue Dec 13 16:08:01 AST 2005

Gordon Jones wrote:

> My aunts computer has gone through three hard-drives in less than a  
> year,the place where she bouht the HD's is trying to tell her that it 
> must  be her motherboard  and that she should buy a new computer,while 
> another  puter shop told her it might be her power suppy,but probablt 
> her  motherboard and that she should just save the time and buy new 
> com.Is  there any truth in this,i have never heard of a motherboard 
> destroying a  hard-drive before .Has anyone here ever heard or had 
> such a problem?
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Is it the same model of hdd each time? It could be a production run 
defect(?), maybe more sensitive power supply fluctuation.


J. Paul Bissonnette


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