[nSLUG] Wireless USB compatibility

Jason Kenney jason at ohm.ath.cx
Mon Dec 12 01:41:32 AST 2005

>> I'm looking at installing linux with a wireless USB device for a
>> friend. I haven't seen the hardware yet, but am told that it's made by
>> LinkSys. I know enough about USB to be wary. Hardware compatibility
>> listings are incomplete and LinkSys didn't offer any insight either.
>> All stories: warnings, gotchas, dreamlike installs welcome...
> Dealing with USB, I'd use the 2.6 kernels if you can.
> I've been using the USB for my camera, printer, and other devices.
> It's definitely much better in 2.6.  2.4 had some issues.

I use a Netgear MA111, which is a usb wireless card.

With the http://www.linux-wlan.org/ driver.

They claim support for 2.6 is "unsupported" or something, but I'm not sure 
how this is different from 2.4.

I do know that not all versions of the driver compile with all (2.4 
minor! Never tried 2.6) kernel versions... Not sure who to blame for that 
one, but it's a pain.

I still run 2.4, and it works mostly fine there, sometimes mysterious log 
messages appear, the "hot plug" scripts that come with it don't really 
work, and putting it in a boot script on startup is also problematic, but 
these are minor things I suppose. I could probably fix them if I cared.

That one requires the ohci driver, but the wlan module/linux kernel isn't 
smart enough to know it needs to install (even now, it claims it is unused, but 
removing the module makes the wlan0 device disappear).

If there is a better usb wireless option available, I too, would like to 
know about it.



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