[nSLUG] ubuntu 5.1

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sat Dec 10 20:10:15 AST 2005

> Here is  the first thing it says
> "Ubuntu uses sudo command to allow a *normal user* administrative 
> privileges. Thus the traditional UNIX *root* account is disabled (i.e. 
> it is not possible to log in as root).
> All the graphical configuration utilities use sudo by default. Thus when 
> *Synaptic* or something similar asks you for a password, it is asking 
> for *your user password*, /not the root password/.

hmm  I haven't dabbled with ubuntu, but this setup would make me very
nervous.  Just don't like sudo at all.  Reminds too much of a windows
environment, where everything is writable or breakable.


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