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matt parker flame at ns.sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 10 11:08:16 AST 2005

Thanks everyone (for those who now have power). I did find this site 
(see below ) and I used gksudo plus command to get around the 
"protection" . I am going to try and disable the root protection so I 
can do similar operations in the future.

Thanks again.


P.S. after a while I may venture into the other distros to learn more. 
This seems to be a good beginner start. Without the usual distro war, 
What would be a good stepping stone, maybe debian (which I think ubuntu 
is based on) slackware, suse?


Betti Ann & Preston Smith wrote:

> Matt!
> Go to this URL 
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo#head-2516cdd3d91c2704674383e1dd0c808c1efc34f4 
> Here is  the first thing it says
> "Ubuntu uses sudo command to allow a *normal user* administrative 
> privileges. Thus the traditional UNIX *root* account is disabled (i.e. 
> it is not possible to log in as root).
> All the graphical configuration utilities use sudo by default. Thus 
> when *Synaptic* or something similar asks you for a password, it is 
> asking for *your user password*, /not the root password/.
> The first user created is part of the /admin group/, which can use 
> sudo. Any users created after that are not by default. It is 
> recommended that all users of Ubuntu use sudo, as it provides clear 
> benefits to security."
> Hope this helps
> Preston
> matt parker said the following on 09-Dec-05 19:47:
>> New User Question:
>> Just installed ubuntu on one of my windows boxes (dual boot). I want 
>> to change the order that grub loads the operating systems. I want 
>> windows first as a choice so my kids can just turn it on and not have 
>> to worry about a choice. I think I have to change the menu.lst file 
>> in the grub folder. the problem is I do not know how to login as root 
>> in ubuntu!!! I was not given a choice to set up that account during 
>> setup. The only choice I had was for a user account.  As a normal 
>> user account I only have read only access. What can I do?
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