[nSLUG] ubuntu 5.1

Betti Ann & Preston Smith prsmith at ns.sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 10 07:18:05 AST 2005


Go to this URL 

Here is  the first thing it says
"Ubuntu uses sudo command to allow a *normal user* administrative 
privileges. Thus the traditional UNIX *root* account is disabled (i.e. 
it is not possible to log in as root).

All the graphical configuration utilities use sudo by default. Thus when 
*Synaptic* or something similar asks you for a password, it is asking 
for *your user password*, /not the root password/.

The first user created is part of the /admin group/, which can use sudo. 
Any users created after that are not by default. It is recommended that 
all users of Ubuntu use sudo, as it provides clear benefits to security."

Hope this helps


matt parker said the following on 09-Dec-05 19:47:
> New User Question:
> Just installed ubuntu on one of my windows boxes (dual boot). I want 
> to change the order that grub loads the operating systems. I want 
> windows first as a choice so my kids can just turn it on and not have 
> to worry about a choice. I think I have to change the menu.lst file in 
> the grub folder. the problem is I do not know how to login as root in 
> ubuntu!!! I was not given a choice to set up that account during 
> setup. The only choice I had was for a user account.  As a normal user 
> account I only have read only access. What can I do?


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