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Jack Warkentin jwark at eastlink.ca
Fri Dec 9 21:01:01 AST 2005

Hi Matt

On December 9, 2005 07:47 pm, matt parker wrote:
> New User Question:
> Just installed ubuntu on one of my windows boxes (dual boot). I want
> to change the order that grub loads the operating systems. I want
> windows first as a choice so my kids can just turn it on and not
> have to worry about a choice. I think I have to change the menu.lst
> file in the grub folder.

Correct. Towards the end of the file will be a list of bootable 
systems. Linux systems will have entries consisting of several lines 
beginning with 'title', 'root', 'kernel', probably 'initrd', probably 
'savedefault', and 'boot'. Systems that cannot be booted directly by 
GRUB (this includes Windows) will miss some of these lines, and 
instead of the 'boot' line will have a line beginning with 

Each such bootable system is numbered starting from zero (0). 
Somewhere near the beginning of the file will be a line saying

default. .           <some number>

where the <some number> indicates the number of the system that will 
be booted by default if the timeout expires. If you edit this file 
and change the number you can set what the default system booted will 

> The problem is I do not know how to login 
> as root in ubuntu!!! I was not given a choice to set up that account
> during setup. The only choice I had was for a user account.  As a
> normal user account I only have read only access. What can I do?
I have been having related problems. In fact, in spite of the hype and 
praise surrounding Ubuntu I would have given up on it by now were it 
not that Kubuntu 5.10 *may* be able to configure my wireless card 
that neither SuSE 10.0 nor Libranet 3.0 has yet been able to do.

I found some stuff at


that explains how to defeat the stupid mechanisms that have been set 
up to "protect" users from themselves, and in the process, prevent 
them from being able to configure and maintain their systems. I 
haven't tried them yet but am passing them on. Hope they help.



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