[nSLUG] More Free Goods

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Wed Dec 7 22:55:56 AST 2005

Have you considered a flea market, I have a wireless QWERTZ keyboard, 
half dozen scsi hdd, always the biggest you could buy at the time; 
starting at 270 meg up to 4.5 gb, a HP scsi dat tape, scsi Iomega drive. 
Already got rid of my Sinclair QL and the Acorn RISC PC

Jim Haliburton wrote:

>Hello All:
>I have three Micro ATX cases.  No power supplies, just the cases.  They 
>use normal size ATX power supply but must have a Micro ATX board.
>Free to good or even not so good home.
>Speak up by Friday (preferrably Thursday Night) as that is the day the 
>big green truck comes up our street devouring all that is left by the 
>Jim Haliburton
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