[nSLUG] More Free Goods

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Wed Dec 7 17:14:34 AST 2005

Hello All:

I have three Micro ATX cases.  No power supplies, just the cases.  They 
use normal size ATX power supply but must have a Micro ATX board.

Free to good or even not so good home.

Speak up by Friday (preferrably Thursday Night) as that is the day the 
big green truck comes up our street devouring all that is left by the 

Jim Haliburton

James A. Haliburton
On-Site Computer Services of Halifax
Suite 100, 25 Walton Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada     B3N 1X6
Cell/Pager  : (902)499-5250
Home/Office : (902)477-8342
e-mail      : jim at on-site.ns.ca

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