[nSLUG] Re:Ubuntu 5.10]

Betti Ann & Preston Smith prsmith at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 2 17:06:57 AST 2005

Ben -

I agree with what you were saying but I live in the Head of St Margarets 
Bay in Allen Heights and very seldom go into the 'big' city

I have not found many folks out this way who want to try Linux because 
they keep getting the impression that it is only for the technically 
very competent

I never throw anything away so they will probably be around until the 
next version comes out <grin>


Ben Armstrong said the following on 01-Dec-05 11:27:
> On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 22:04 -0400, Chris Jordan wrote:

> I agree.  The hassle of physically obtaining media from someone else on
> this list isn't worth it for most of us.
> Preston,
> You'll find that the people who are most interested in physical media
> are those you meet regularly face-to-face and/or who wouldn't have
> otherwise gone through the bother of downloading and burning their own
> copies (or can't because they don't have a burner).
> Before you use those extra copies as coasters, consider who else you
> might give them to.  Maybe a favourite store clerk, bus driver,
> neighbour or family member?
> Ben


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