[nSLUG] Re: Ubuntu 5.10

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Dec 2 16:09:28 AST 2005

>> ...and/or who wouldn't have otherwise gone through the bother of
>> downloading and burning their own copies (or can't because they
>> don't have a burner).
> Ben, you will find if you look, that many, many people don't have
> broadband connections to the internet - because they aren't available
> where they live.  I'm one.

What he said.  Perhaps there's a default notion that savvy varies
inversely with distance from Downtown, rather like "rustication" in
proportion to remoteness from Victorian London.  These days, there are
a lot of very technical rustics out here in the boonies.  Hand-pump,
wood heat, outhouse and 10 computers [1] is no longer a unique
domestic configuration.

For my part, if it were the latest Slackware instead of Ubuntu, I'd be
a candidate.  I just happen not to be interested in playing musical
distros now that I'm 5 boxen into Slack.  To fetch a distro myself, I
have to lug my old laptop into town, sit in the library and futz with
their wireless connection, then lug it home and burn it. [2]
High-speed net might become available when I have 10 neighbors within
a 3/4 mile radius instead of three.  But then *I* wouldn't want to be

Mutter, snort,
- Mike

[1] Mutatis mutandem.  Or precision lathes, chemical apparati,
    injection moulding widgets, laser doo-dads or whatever.

[2] And, for reasons I haven't yet determined, burning a CD (on my PII
    but with a current distro and a relatively new burner/drive) has
    proved so flakey that I keep the current distro ISO on 2 HDs
    instead of CD.

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