[nSLUG] Tired of hurricane news: the hackers called TITAN RAIN

George White aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca
Mon Aug 29 13:38:52 ADT 2005

The Invasion of the Chinese Cyberspies (And the Man Who Tried to Stop Them)
An exclusive look at how the hackers called TITAN RAIN are stealing U.S.


The "secrets" are claimed to be more in the class of trade secrets than warhead
plans.  Yeah right, and can I sell you a slightly used bridge in NY?

The "man who tried to stop them" was fired from his job at Sandia National
He was told not to discuss what he knew about TITAN RAIN with other agencies.
The US is full of jurisdictional problems -- many agencies have their own
(all authorized to carry guns and use dealy force), so it is easy to believe
that hackers can break into one dept. and then turn around and use the same
expoits on the next dept.  For all we know, however, US may have been feeding
bogus information to TITAN RAIN for years via honeypots.

Could this happen in Canada?  Would a Common Services Organization improve
information sharing and be better able to run disinformation honeypots against
this sort of large well-organized attacks?

George N. White III
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia


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