[nSLUG] Re: Any nsluggers in Valley?

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 15:53:18 ADT 2005

As with others, I wouldn't suggest sending people home with
Linux install CDs to test drive open source ware. It could
backfire into a general negative impression.

If you want people to test drive Linux, I'd make it a kiosk
type of environment - something like one of the internet terminals
at the local library.

I'd consider getting people to think about the alternatives and
the cost saving of open source applications. Can Mozilla,
Open Office and other applications run on Windows get them
to consider the open source options, without losing the availability of the
habitual applications? This allows exploration without the risk.
There is money to be saved just in dropping applications
such as MS Office. The flip side of that is to install
Codeweaver's Cross Over Office on a Linux box so that
familiar Windows applications can be used.

Lastly, don't go into it like this is a mission of an open
source advocate. If you show that the only thing you
are interested in is promotion of open source, others will
not have confidence that you have their business interests
in mind. If their interests are not your highest priority,
they may not trust your opinions.

In my estimation, it comes down to balancing cost savings
of using less commercial software and OS, within
a plan that allows people to fall back to the old software
if that is the only way to get something done.

You have to realize that sometimes, a Windows client is the only
package available for something. Even a technical
giant like IBM has run into a wall trying to convert all of
their desktops to Linux for this very reason.

--Donald Teed

On 8/26/05, Bob Ashley <ashley at chebucto.ns.ca> wrote:
> I'm moving to Berwick next week. Any nsluggers in the Valley area?
> I'll be working for the Town office. I envision a small OSS
> pilot project, maybe just a single desktop or two (like, say, my desk!) to 
> see
> if it
> piques
> office and council curiosity. The objective, of course, would be to save
> taxpayers' money, and to raise consciousness about the OSS alternative. I 
> have
> some discretionary authority, albeit
> limited. Success for a small pilot might be defined as a single OSS 
> desktop in
> Town used regularly for functional work, but doing so minus the attendant 
> costs
> of proprietary
> licenses. Part of the pilot might also include distributing free OSS to
> employees/officials for their home machines and/or an OSS desktop in the 
> adjoing
> regional library, or in the local seniors centre.
> I have a hunch that a small project, done really well, might get the 
> Council
> excited enough to spread the word a little. Would anyone here be 
> interested in
> a
> citizen/techno advisory role?
> I've submitted a short article to 'Municipal Open Line' the newsletter of 
> the
> Union of NS Municipalities, introducing basic OSS possibilities (a general
> pro/con
> overview), The Union have offered to publish it. All elected officials and
> municipal
> administrators as well as employees of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal
> Relations receive this newsletter.
> Of course, any nsluggers (and/or Dal cs students) interested in partnering
> wouldn't necessarily need to be geographically near
> by. Perhaps an online virtual Citizen's OSS Advisory Committee?
> Any ideas, caveats, suggestions, criticisms most welcome!
> Bob Ashley
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