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Jack Warkentin jwark at eastlink.ca
Sat Aug 27 21:44:07 ADT 2005

Hi Everybody

On August 27, 2005 03:54 pm, J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:
> How is LN 3.0 i'm still using 2.8.1?

On balance I prefer Libranet 3.0 to 2.8.1, which I used for 1 1/2 

The installer, as before, is excellent. I would rate it as a slight 
improvement as it does not require the reboot part way through that 
2.8.1 imposes. I *don't* like the disc partitioning system (in either 
version), as it displays partition sizes in megabytes instead of 
cylinders. However, I got around that by opening a command line and 
using fdisk. Also, 3.0 already included ATI's fglrx binary driver for 
my video card. With 2.8.1 I had to download it from somewhere.

I liked the fact that SMP was available right from the start of 
installation. I found this worked well with my hyperthreaded 

I was installing and setting up a wireless router. I could unplug the 
eastlink connection from the computer, plug it into the router and 
plug the router into the computer (and back again) and hotplug/pump 
brought up the interface automatically each time. With 2.8.1 I had to 
re-issue the pump command each time as root.

I have a legacy WordPerfect file that I needed recently. It has 3 
columns. I remember in 2.8.1 the version of OpenOffice did not 
interpret the columnization formatting properly whereas the version 
in 3.0 does.

Some administration is now much more difficult, related to udev. Now 
that devfs is being replaced by udev I guess we will all have to 
learn how to get along with it. I mentioned previously the problem 
with the winmodem being configured as a sound card and having to 
"blacklist" the associated driver. Well, long before that, not 
realizing that there was even such a thing as udev, I cheerfully 
symbolically linked /dev/dvd to my ide dvd drive at /dev/hdc and 
my /dev/cdrom to my cdrom drive at /dev/hdd. And set up my fstab file 
accordingly. Since udev (unbeknownst to me) recreates all such 
symbolic links on each reboot I eventually discovered that I got a 
"no media" message when I attempted to mount a cdrom in /dev/cdrom. 
It turned out that udev had switched the symbolic links around 
- /dev/cdrom was now linked to /dev/hdc and /dev/dvd to /dev/hdd. 
After considerable rtfm'ing and generally poking around 
(unsuccessfully) I tried the Adminmenu. Low and behold there was an 
item under "Storage" entitled "Fstab configuration. Configure default 
CD-ROM and DVD devices and update the fstab". I set the default cdrom 
to hdd and the default dvd to hdc and everything rebooted to the way 
I wanted.

The Adminmenu's preferred printer configuration utility is the GNOME 
CUPS Manager. This indicated that I could set my own name for my 
printer, but whenever I did that, it ignored my choice and reverted 
to its own choice. I had no trouble with the CUPS web-based utility.

The Adminmenu has an item to make a boot cdrom (also available during 
installation). I have been unable to get this to work. It is not the 
CD I am trying to write to because I have successfully written other 
stuff to it.

The version of evolution included with 3.0 failed to convert my 2.8.1 
evolution files. Since I was not especially fond of evolution I again 
conducted an extensive search for an email client that would use mbox 
type mail files. (I insist on using mbox format so that, if 
necessary, I can go in with vi and remove messages that might contain 
dangerous content if opened with a normal email program.) I settled 
on kmail, which is acceptable, but not wonderfull. I particularly 
like the fact that it displays message structure so you can see if 
you are reading an html message. By default, kmail will *not* display 
the html, which I like. So many mail clients now use the outlook 
arrangement in there main window. Familiarity breeds contempt.

So on balance, as I said, I prefer 3.0. Overall, I think Libranet is 
just a *great* product.


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