[nSLUG] Re: Any nsluggers in Valley?

Bob Ashley ashley at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Aug 26 21:48:16 ADT 2005

I'm moving to Berwick next week. Any nsluggers in the Valley area? 

I'll be working for the Town office. I envision a small OSS
pilot project, maybe just a single desktop or two (like, say, my desk!) to see
if it
office and council curiosity. The objective, of course, would be to save
taxpayers' money, and to raise consciousness about the OSS alternative. I have
some discretionary authority, albeit
limited. Success for a small pilot might be defined as a single OSS desktop in
Town used regularly for functional work, but doing so minus the attendant costs
of proprietary
licenses. Part of the pilot might also include distributing free OSS to
employees/officials for their home machines and/or an OSS desktop in the adjoing
regional library, or in the local seniors centre. 

I have a hunch that a small project, done really well, might get the Council
excited enough to spread the word a little. Would anyone here be interested in
citizen/techno advisory role? 

I've submitted a short article to 'Municipal Open Line' the newsletter of the
Union of NS Municipalities, introducing basic OSS possibilities (a general
overview), The Union have offered to publish it. All elected officials and
administrators as well as employees of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal
Relations receive this newsletter. 

Of course, any nsluggers (and/or Dal cs students) interested in partnering
wouldn't necessarily need to be geographically near
by. Perhaps an online virtual Citizen's OSS Advisory Committee? 

Any ideas, caveats, suggestions, criticisms most welcome!

Bob Ashley


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