[nSLUG] Re: more browser idiocy

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Aug 27 01:52:08 ADT 2005

>> Do you know if this is what's happening with www.comicspage.com, too?
> This seems to work fine for me (on Eastlink), although I might be using 
> Dal's nameservers somehow as well.

Interesting.  The Helen strip is hosted by comicspage.com but the .jpg
image itself resides on tmsfeatures.com .  A couple of days ago I
could retrieve the image directly from tmsfeatures.com with a script
that composed the correctly dated URL.  Now  tmsfeatures.com is
refusing the port 80 connection also.

Weird that you can connect via Eastlink ( but from
my dialup in a /24 downstream from Eastlink ( I can't.
What am I missing here?  Mumble...

I emailed Peter Zale (creator of Helen) to ask what-what.

> I can't understand what a website would (or even thinks they) gain from 
> restricting it to just the US.

I can see a PHB deciding that their market for Solid-State Eutectic
Pre-Cambrian Blivet Annunciators was all in the US so that would be a
good way to save on bandwidth.  Clever but stupid.

- Mike

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