[nSLUG] Local hosting service?

Miles Thompson miles at allnovascotia.com
Mon Aug 1 10:25:15 ADT 2005

Supercity, Twisted Pair.
Hub.org is located in Wolfville; servers are in Panama.

I've used hub; they're fine. They are also remarkable in that their web 
page displays uptime etc. for their servers, and if they are having a 
problem with a machine they are not only upfront about it, but explain what 
is being done. They have lots of capacity as they host PostgreSQL - i.e. 
source, binaries, docs, etc., and have been /.'ed and come through OK.

I've also used Experthost.ca - located in Ottawa and they have been fine.

The important thing is that your wife's clients get to meet your wife -- 
she's the point of contact. Everything else is done through a computer anyway.

Let's face it, these are v. generic services, and as another fellow I 
respect said, "I never RECOMMEND an ISP. They are all vulnerable to 
outages, and attacks ... I merely say who I've used and what experience 
I've had."

Cheers - Miles

At 10:54 PM 7/31/2005, you wrote:
>Can anyone recommend a web hosting service that is physically located in 
>Atlantic Canada?  Does anyone on this list run or work for such a host?
>My wife Bonita has gone back into web design - she's at 
>http://www.paperbeagle.com/  She wants to focus on work for local 
>businesses, mainly because she prefers to be able to meet clients 
>face-to-face.  She has the sense that most of her potential clients would 
>prefer hosting locally.
>We all know that it wouldn't matter whether they hosted in Halifax or 
>Timbuktu as long as they had a reliable, high-speed connection, but the 
>experience she had working for some small businesses back in Maine 
>suggests that many clients would have a hard time grasping that.
>My own experience with web hosting leads me to feel that what matters most 
>in a host is being able to reach a live human when asking for support.  I 
>think that would also be importants to Bonita's potential clients.  I'm 
>pretty sure Aliant does hosting, and I imagine Eastlink does too, but my 
>own experience has been much better with the smaller hosts I've used, the 
>ones that were mom-and-pop operations.
>Any recommendations and comments you may have are appreciated.
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