[nSLUG] nsLUG and Dalhousie

Paul Boudreau pbx at eastlink.ca
Thu Sep 30 12:13:47 ADT 2004

Ben Armstrong wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 08:10, Andrew Crawford wrote:
>>How much offcial support would there be for this from Dalhousie?
>>What happens to the LUG if the Dal students involved cease to be students?
>Since Dal would in no way be "taking over" the LUG, but would simply be
>providing an activities coordination arm run by the ACM at Dal, then
>whether, in future, the ACM organization continues to operate or ceases
>to exist is irrelevant to the future status of nSLUG.
>I don't see that our present server hosting and admin roles need to
>change to enable this to happen, since the current arrangement is
>working and is stable.  I agree that if a core function of the group,
>such as administration of the server, falls to a student who then ceases
>to be a student, and no replacement is found, it could be a big hassle. 
>Given our past grief with hosting, this is a good reason to leave the
>box where it is.
>I'm not opposed to granting Wiki access on our own server to allow the
>group to put some content up at our site.  Of course, the ACM group
>would be free to put up their own nSLUG pages on their own server on
>campus, if there is some benefit to doing that.
>Standard Disclaimer: these are my own opinions and don't necessarily
>reflect the opinion of the nSLUG admins as a whole.
I for one welcome our new computer-science overlords (sorry, reading
too much Slashdot recently).


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