[nSLUG] nsLUG and Dalhousie

Andrew Wong andrewmarkwong at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 19:10:46 ADT 2004

Hey guys and gals,

The Dalhousie Computer Science Association for Computing Machinery
(ACM) ( http://torch.cs.dal.ca/~acm/ ) is looking to start up a Linux
Users Group.

The first question that springs to mind is," Why start another LUG?" 
Quite simply we would prefer not to start another one. We would
however like to give a home to the Linux Users Group of Nova Scotia
(nsLUG). Being hosted on campus, access to the auditorium as well as
other services are available to the projects based off of nsLUG. 
Provided the current nsLUG users find it acceptable to in a figurative
way,"move the project" to Dalhousie Computer Science, there would be
no change in day to day activities of the users and the group as a
whole, not even the name would change.  With the creation of a home
for the LUG we can organize conferences and demos for individuals, for
projects that work with linux and bring in the business world of Nova
Scotia to the linux platform, in a central meeting place.

The benefits to having a physical location and focal point for nsLUG
would be tremendous.  As the project will be housed in the Computer
Science building, nsLUG users will have a place to meet, plan events,
and most of all play with the operating system we all enjoy so much. 
Organizers and small groups will be able to book meeting rooms and
have access to the facilities provided in the building. What kind of
events will we be capable of hosting?

Presently I would like to have a small conference of sort in February.
The purpose?  To show off the flexibility of the linux system and the
ease of use.  The plan? Have linux users come in to show off projects
on linux systems (e.g. Spam filters, Intrusion Detection Systems,
GAMES *cough*). Anything is possible, even your home brewed projects!
If the group is willing to join up with the ACM group at Dalhousie, we
can get the space required at almost no cost.

Is there a catch? A slight one, in order for this to become an ACM
Dalhousie Computer Science project there needs to be a Dalhousie
Student running it.  By no means does this mean that they are the
voice of the LUG.  The idea is to create an organization committee
which will be the front for the group.  They will handle matters such
as meetings, conferences and organizing the parties *grin*. This is
volunteer only, the funding would be used for the events themselves. I
would like to be the contact point for the LUG at Dalhousie,
figuratively the head of the committee, with no more say than the rest
of the group.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or comments, direct them to
myself or the list.  I hope you consider this offer, personally I
would like to see the growth of Linux and encourage it's use in Nova

~Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong
Student of Computer Science at large.
"This is the sort of pedantry up with which I will not put." - Winston
"I'm not closed minded, you're just wrong." - Getfuzzy


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